today marks 3 months since sky was born. joel and i both (separately) googled pictures of 3 month olds today. no longer a newborn, 3 months marks the transition to infant. somewhere, my baby hit a milestone.

if sky were here he would probably be smiling and giggling, showing a preference for his parents, staying awake for longer stretches, holding his head up, and reaching for toys.

even though he’s not here, it’s amazing how fast he’s growing up.

as an addendum to my behind the scenes maternity post, i’m adding a whole bunch of random cell phone pictures here – pictures that reflect moments in pregnancy and life with him, some defining, some mundane. they are random, poor quality, and largely silly, but so very meaningful to me.

positive pregnancy tests at 5 weeks. yes, there are two. (don’t ask …)

by 9 weeks i was sick all the time, and doing a whole lot of this:

joel and i music direct youth musicals, and we were working on tom sawyer when i was 4-11 weeks pregnant with sky. by the time the performances rolled around i was constantly sick and spending every free minute hiding in the bathroom. this artistic team photo sums that up pretty well.

on an engagement shoot at 12 weeks.

13 weeks. at a special event for some of our christian youth theater kids i fell into a lake, and joel was accused of dumping his pregnant wife overboard. it did kinda look like that …

14 weeks brought the haircut of treachery and disaster. this photo was taken at the only time it didn’t look like puke. i will always associate it with awful nausea and will never get a cut like that again, so it is recorded here for posterity. blech.

26ish weeks and finally showing enough to take a bathroom mirror picture:

the whole cat-snuggling thing was definitely a theme with this pregnancy. 27ish weeks.

this is the last picture i have of our first cat, pamina. she was a  feisty, affectionate creature who disappeared sometime in november. she used to purr on my stomach and sky would kick at her, bouncing her around and startling her. she never got up, though, and just snuggled back down on top of him.

34-35 weeks

the following are series of pictures, all taken at around 34-37 weeks, of the kitten we adopted after pamina disappeared. her favorite sleeping position was to perch on my slippery but large stomach while i sat at the computer editing photos. most of the time she required very little assistance to keep her balance, and since i was already in front of the computer, i employed the webcam to catch some of her cuter poses. purring cats were a very big part of sky’s life in utero.

37 weeks: picking out a christmas tree in the pouring rain! ryan came too, and snagged this pic of the 3 of us under shelter:

and my attempt to catch our damp little group in the gift shop:

around this time, the cats decided that their favorite napping place was the changing pad in his room. the majesties were promptly deposed, but not before this picture was taken …

conducting our choir performance of gloria at 38 weeks. sky heard the gloria so many times … he must have memorized it. this was such a happy night. it was the completion of our choir season, the completion of my pre-baby commitments, the last big thing before his arrival. it was december 1st. he was born 13 days later.

i look at this picture and i like to think that the whole choir was singing to him.
and that the cats were purring to him,
and that the rain was pattering for him,
and our friends were loving on him,
and the whole world was waiting for him.


2 thoughts on “three”

  1. we were all waiting for him. and welcomed him with great rejoicing. it just wasn’t the way we had planned. or hoped.
    we still love you the same, sky. you were well worth all the planning, the waiting, the pain. and we love your parents in their grief. losing you is big. bigger than any of us know.

  2. Can I just take Kristal’s words out of her mouth 🙂 Perfectly said! Thank you for sharing these glimpses, and the continued journey…it helps us all feel like we are a part of Sky’s heavenly life. I can only imagine, Sky….in heaven singing Gloria, to the risen King…

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