portland state university parking garage sunrise mount hood

this was my view this morning from the inside of my car, on the eighth level of portland state university parking structure one.

the top level was nearly empty, but one woman parked two spaces away, got out of her car, and stood at the railing, taking pictures with her little point-and-shoot. i quickly finished my tea and got out of the car to talk to her.

“it’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?” i pretended to fumble with my bag.

she smiled back and agreed. i told her i had just been doing the same thing with my phone camera (from the warmth of my car). she admitted that she dropped her phone in water, and now its camera doesn’t work. she also admitted that she feels conspicuous taking pictures with her camera, and i told her that i’m a photographer, and sometimes feel the same way.

we twinkly smiled in camaraderie over our unspoken secret: that the first nice sunrise in weeks was worth pausing for, savoring, sharing with a stranger on the top level of a parking garage.

then i left for my greek history class, and she walked away.


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