… year since we heard sky gabriel’s heart beating for the last time.

today marks the beginning of these days of mourning. each of the next 5 days holds an awful, poignant, individual memory of losing sky. each memory brings us to our knees in tears. we miss him so much.


3 thoughts on “one”

  1. i can’t stop thinking of you all since the calendar turned december. the memories of those last days of pregnancy are so vivid and i know you are remembering them all too well. and that moment one year ago today where joel held a stethoscope to your belly and you rejoiced in the beautiful signs of life you heard. my heart is aching with you in such an insufficient but such a real way. these days will be so overtaken with pain. and i have nothing to offer. so proud of you for foraging ahead through the grief as it is the only way to leave it behind. i love you friend.

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