yes, that’s a carseat i’m holding … and it felt weird, let me tell ya.

the us airways check-in man was named rico. he asked where the baby was, and we told him. he asked if this was “our first time,” to which i still answered yes, and then stuttered a bit. our first time adopting? or our first time being parents? if rico had phrased his question slightly differently, he would have heard all about sky. as it was … i said yes.

i’m posting this in phoenix at 12:55am, which means that we meet our baby TODAY!

we narrowed down our list of names on the plane, and though he still doesn’t have a name yet we’re determined to make it happen before we meet him. i don’t want my first words to my son to be “hello … bucko!”

not happening.


2 thoughts on “flying”

  1. Can not express the overwelming joy of answered prayers I have for you two today. We too are flying today with unnamed son … in utereo. You get to meet yours first and name him! How I wish I could see your faces when u do. Thrilled? Elated? I have butterflies for you all and a thousand prayers for everything to be just perfect. We were foster parents before we had our own, long conception story turned god-mazing…. We lost our twins, the ones in our care through the foster system that we thought we were goingbto adopt. Was it death? Not for them, but to my motherhood, to my empty cribs and useless clothes… But there pics are up on my wall and my girls know their story and my odest knows how much a miracle she was to my soul. I know your “bucko” will cherish his story just as my girls cherish theirs.

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