ash with mom, day 2


it’s been almost exactly 24 hours since we brought ash home (i.e. extended stay america) from the agency. yesterday at this time we were in whole foods, buying baby wipes, cocoa butter, and big people food. we’re spending as much time holding him as possible to promote bonding (i.e. all the time), so instead of carrying his carseat through the store i carried him, swaddled in his little receiving blanket and drawing stares from everybody. one lady, beaming at him, wished us good luck.

he’s been giving us plenty of time to sleep. he rarely fusses unless we put him down, and is content and alert when he’s awake. today’s itinerary includes a first attempt at the intricacies of babywearing and finding milk donors in southern florida.

oh, and snuggling. lots of snuggling.


7 thoughts on “tiny”

  1. I have been praying for a couple months that during December you would receive something encouraging in regard to your adoption plans—perhaps being assigned to a child. I didn’t dare pray that you would receive your child during this month. Oh me of little faith!

    We are praying that the adjustment to parenthood goes well for all three of you

  2. Joel and Lani, I can’t even begin to tell you how great my heart feels that you have that little man in your arms. You don’t know me well but with four of my own I am overwhelmed with excitement for both of you. You so deserve to have this happiness and from your heartfelt writings about your journey I know you will be amazing parents. The love and whole spirit comes through in your story and Ash is one darn lucky little man. May 2013 be the best year ever for the three of you. Laurie McGinnity

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