by lani

i don’t like the term “easy baby,” but if there ever was one then ash is it. he eats, sleeps, hates to be changed but forgives us quickly, and soaks up as much cuddling love as he can get. we’re working hard to start breastfeeding, and i’m so impressed with how well he’s doing! we’ve managed to establish a good latch a few times, and we’re slowly moving toward more and more human milk, and less formula. (woohoo.)

mommy’s learning that babies don’t have anti-migraine properties, and forgetting to eat for hours on end doesn’t do anyone any favors. (headslap.) daddy’s taking the lead on sling tying (check), bottle making (check), laundry doing (check), and delivering that special dad-brand of wit (check).

here are a few unedited pictures from the big camera from meeting ashal at the agency and our first day “home”.

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