15 resolutions for 2015

a firm decision to do or not to do something.
the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.

  1. i resolve to make resolutions so wildly mundane and so hopelessly optimistic that i cannot but fail, so that i can …
  2. resolve to take every opportunity for a fresh start. each new season, new month, new day, down to every new minute is an opportunity to turn a new page and draw something beautiful. to that end, i …
  3. resolve not to have more patience, but to apologize more, specifically and sincerely. i know i will do things that i feel ashamed of but i …
  4. resolve to stop trying to buy happiness with the currency of shame.
  5. i resolve to love my mistakes, because they mean that i am alive.
  6. i resolve to honor my anger.
  7. i don’t resolve to wake earlier, but to breathe in peace whenever i do wake.
  8. i don’t resolve to eat less, but to enjoy my food more.
  9. i don’t resolve to exercise more, but to feel the burn more acutely, to lean into the lazy, and to revel in the endorphin high.
  10. i don’t resolve to fight harder against the blank page, but to dance with it.
  11. i resolve to treat each encounter with curiosity and wonder, as if i am meeting this person for the first time.
  12. i resolve to treat each encounter with tenderness and reverence, as if i am seeing this person for the last time.
  13. i resolve to love my community with a frightening ferocity, an open hand of acceptance, and an unlocked door to my home and heart.
  14. i resolve to have more resolve, to push through fear and immobility, to find the commitments my heart yearns to make and honor the voice that calls me to them, which is an impossible task.
  15. but i resolve to live grace to myself and others, to treat grace as the grand conjunction in the grammar of the universe, that which turns, “i will try but i will fail” into “i will try and i will fail and i will try again.”
  16. (bonus resolution …) i resolve to honor the paradox that grace calls us to: i will try hard to stop trying so hard, and just be.

may 2015 be a year in which we honor the space of not trying so hard. may we breathe in peace, breathe out compassion, and be present in each grace-charged moment of our lives. happy new year, friends!


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