the dream

this morning ash sat in his white high chair and aida sat in her brown high chair, and i made their breakfast. in the background the eggs sizzled and the teapot hissed, and i told them the following:

ashal, aida, today is a very special day.

today is called martin luther king junior day. martin luther king junior was a man who lived about 50 years ago. he said that black people like ash and white people like aida should be treated equally.

back then, black people were treated poorly. black and white people were kept apart.

if you lived back then, ash and aida, you wouldn’t have been brother and sister. but martin luther king junior said that black people and white people should be brothers and sisters.

babies, there is still so much work to do, but sometimes we have to stop and celebrate how much work has already been done. today, we get to do that.

they said “ba-da,” and ate their breakfast. ash signed for water and drank thirstily when i handed it to him. when he was done, he passed it to his sister, and she drank too.

happy mlk day, friends.

remember, this was once a dream.



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