connecting stories.
reinventing always.
and reviewing the very small things.

i’m lani. this corner of the internet is my sacred space, in which i seek to, in the words of james altucher, “bleed from the heart, entertain, and educate. in that order.”

i write about what shapes the moments of my life: spirituality, activism, parenthood, photography, adoption, school, stillbirth, grief, community living, raising small humans… among other things. maybe the last thing the internet needs is one more blog … but i trust that those of us who are meant to connect will find each other, perhaps here. thanks for stopping by.

if you’d like to talk to me about loss, adoption, or anything else, my email is lanimaria[at]gmail[dot]com.


1 thought on “about”

  1. Hi Lani, What a beautiful website. I feel your grief, as I too lost a baby boy who never took his first breath in my arms. I have no photos of him and now I see yours, I wonder if I should have taken some. He would be 10 in July this year and I often look at his cousin, just 4 months older and wonder. His parents recently told him about Luke and he feels his absence, his first thoughts were of how much they could have shared over the last 10 years and how sad that was. My daughter who is 6 talks about him and what would be different if he older brother was here. Your poems are beautiful and shouted out every feeling I have ever had. Thank you for your bravery and courage.

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